About Us




Many  years ago, in a land far, far away, there was a young boy who sat  quietly on the sidelines as his father and uncle would repair the family  vehicles; aunts, uncles, sisters, and brothers.  He would listen and  absorb all that he saw, while handing tools to them.  At the young age  of 13, with the help of these two men, he rebuilt his first engine.   Learning the trade through hand's on experience brought the drive to  make a motor purr like a kitten.  The accomplishment of achieving that  smooth running engine brought a giggle, that turned into a huge smile,  along with a thumb's up sign.  As time moved on and he grew older, it  became a familiar sight to see him peering under the hood at someone's  motor as he made repairs to it in his parent's back yard.  

That love for  vehicle repair only grew bigger as time moved on, and it wasn't until his father-in-law  recognized the natural talent he had for vehicle repair that, together,  they opened the first quick oil change facility in their hometown.  With  customers demanding quality, honest, and dependable, major repair work,  they expanded to accommodate that need. 

Today,  you can still find him peering underneath a hood, but this time with  his sons working by his side as they continue the family tradition.




We  are a family-owned and operated, full-service vehicle repair company,  with more than 40 YEARS OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN EXPERIENCE repairing the  individual vehicle, as well as police, government, and corporate fleet  vehicles.  Along with STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT, we have a vast accumulation of KNOWLEDGE when it pertains to VEHICLE REPAIR.

Our family understands the priority our vehicles have in our lives, and that is why our  #1 PRIORITY, is YOU and your VEHICLE!  We will take the time to discuss your vehicle's needs,  while finding the most economical solution in solving the issue.  Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service,  we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.  There  hasn't been a PROBLEM we haven't been able to FIX!

If  you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle, CALL US!  We can  give a preliminary diagnosis over the phone before scheduling your  appointment.




We are committed to providing a STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE to both new and returning customers. We offer brand name replacement parts, as well as salvage yard parts for those vehicles where parts are no longer available. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.

We offer a 12-MONTH/12,000 MILE, PEACE-OF-MIND WARRANTY on all repairs where we have furnished new replacement parts.